Who i am

If there’s a genetic predisposition for adventure travel, it’s surely in my genome. Growing up in Southern California fostered my passion for the outdoors. Working as an archaeologist the United States, Sweden and Turkey tapped into a love for rustic environments and nature’s elements.  Teaching anthropology in Spain, Italy, Greece and Turkey as a “gypsy scholar” for the University of Maryland European Division encouraged my joy of thriving in unfamiliar places. Consulting on Nepalese ethnographic collections at the International Mountain revitalized my thrill for cultural differences.  Advising a family-owned, Kathmandu-based trekking company on how to attract and keep older, fit clients, seeking transformational adventure travel experiences affirmed my desire to become a full-time adventure travel designer and developer.   Bingo!  The emergence of Raven Rocks Resources. 

My goal is to spark older wanna-be adventurers into action.  After years of hearing friends, colleagues, and fellow travel enthusiasts say, "Wow, I've always wanted to trek in Nepal [or Africa or South America, or...?] but I don't really know how to do it, get started, make it happen."  With the creation of Raven Rocks Resources, I stand ready to tell you how to do it, get started, and make it happen!