What I Do 


Raven Rocks Resources (RRR) is a concierge service for older adventure travelers. RRR designs and develops customized individual and small group itineraries for those of you yearning for new adventures later in life; those of you ready to step out of a comfort zone, hankering to empty a bucket list, eager to collect lasting memories from transformational experiences.  You will receive hands-on help to 

  • identify kinds of adventure experiences and destinations that meet personal goals and levels of fitness, support local operators and vendors, and encourage sustainable travel and tourism

  • create tailored itineraries

  • identify necessary and enhancing services and products—including transportation, unique accommodations, guides and local assistance as well as appropriate gear, clothing, journaling methods to capture experience, contingency planning (surprise is integral to adventure!), and security measures

  • prepare physically

  • make thoughtful decisions related to calculated risks; assess and build confidence; improve endurance and stamina

  • identify suitable travel insurance options

Raven Rocks Resources also works with host destinations—travel and tourism operators and community-level organizations—to design and develop adventure-focused products and services appealing to older, active travelers.  


Sample Itinerary: Nepal

8-day Annapurna Skyline Trek, day hikes around Kathmandu, plus culture-focused visits in Istanbul and Doha going and coming. 

53_10 minutes later_Spit trail to Head Harbor Light_Campobello Island_Canada (1).jpg

Sample Itinerary: Maine

Coastal road trip from Portland, ME, through New Brunswick & Nova Scotia focused on hiking, historic sites, ferry rides.

How much it costs

FREE initial consultation!  Set it up now!

  • Start by brainstorming about travel destinations on your bucket list.

  • Learn how I can help you choose among your bucket list destinations, gather and evaluate information relevant to older adventure travelers, identify pros and cons, and take the first steps to create a transformative experience.

Following your initial free consultation, $60.00 for first hour, $50.00 for additional hours including telephone, email of in-person communication.  I will offer hands-on help to

  • identify the kinds of adventure or active experiences and destinations that meet your personal goals and levels of fitness and stamina, support local operators and vendors, and encourage sustainable travel and tourism

  • create your own customized itinerary right for you and your travel companions (depending on interest, incorporating travel personality and style preference tools, Myers-Briggs Type Indicators, and Maslow’s Hierarchy)

  • make thoughtful decisions related to calculated risks, assess and build confidence, improve endurance and stamina 

  • choose specific services and products—transport, accommodations, local guides and assistance—to support your needs so you can book your trip of your dreams!

  • design an individualized plan and prepare you for the adventure—including appropriate gear and clothing, packing lists, journaling methods, contingency plans, security and emergency contacts

  • identify travel insurance options suitable for you and the destination of your choice

Information about select adventures I coordinate and lead available upon request.